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Good learning tool

I like it

This App is to learn ENGLISH

I just bought this app thinking it would be a great new way to learn Spanish. I should have read closer. It is for people who speak Spanish and want to learn English! Very quick response from them however and great tech support responders -- even on weekends.


I just love it and use it every day it is a big help for me learning several new words every day. Thank you.😍😍😍😍

Very useful!

This App does everything I want. Just today I was curious about the difference between Que pasa and Que paso. I understood the difference in just moments.


Excellent reference Dictionary.

Good basic dictionary for learning

Seems good to me. It's got a lot of words and you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use it (vital for being out of the country). I'm happy with it.

Great app

This a great app. It is the most user friendly dictionary that I have used to help me expand my vocabulary as I read in Spanish so I can look up words that I don't remember plus hear the correct pronunciation. Well worth the money.

Doesn't work yet

Wish the pronunciation would work. That's the main function that we need.

The Best That Exists - El Mejor Que Existe

Yo estaba en unas clases españoles. Ahora, desde las pasé, quiero mantener tan mucho de la información como puedo. Uso esta aplicación durante cualquier momento en cual olvido una palabra o frase. No hay ningún de esos momentos cuando esta aplicación no me ayuda. Me encanta, me encanta; ¡me encanta! I used to be in some Spanish classes. Now, since I passed them, I want to maintain as much of the information as I can. I use this application during any moment in which I forget a word or phrase. There are none of those moments when this application doesn't help me. I love it, I love it; I love it!


This is a handy iPhone Spanish dictionary. I use it a lot in my learning and speaking of the Spanish language. I am semi-fluent Spanish speaker who needs to build his vocabulary. This app is a good aid in that pursuit. I especially like the bookmark future; it helps me remember what I forget.

A great app!!!

This is clearly one of the best language apps I've ever used, likely THE best. Extremely user friendly and complete.

Wonderfully done!

This app is extremely helpful in every way. It not only defines a word but gets very deep to the heart of the word, even pictures. Love it!


It's less of a dictionary and more of a thesaurus. I wouldn't buy this app if you don't already have a good base of knowledge regarding Spanish.

Fast and helpful

This is a pretty god way to look for words or simple phrases. Great "word of the day" feature keeps one engaged on a daily basis

Clean and Well Designed App

Modeling it's UI after the iOS 7, this app takes advantage of the minimalist flat design as well as a nice menu of options that collapses towards the left. It offers plenty of words to translate however, many words are given in a seemingly random order as it does not elaborate on usage of such words like an ordinary dictionary. So far it is not worth $4.99 until the author adds dictionary support to help further understand proper usage of words instead of listing them flat out. Also adding conjugates and other features will literally make this the sleekest Spanish dictionary app in the App Store.


It's slow...the pronunciation is's just ok


I use it frequently as an English speaker living in México. Its greatest value is that it is quick and easy to use. Some times it gives to many options for a word to be useful. I find it is about 90% accurate for use in México. Still, I use it all the time and reccomend it.

Love the flash card feature.

I downloaded this app because I have just begun learning Spanish. It has alot of features such as the flash cards that I find useful. The voice feature is great too to help with pronunciation. Unfortunately I needed to download a different app to conjugate verbs tho because that ability did not exist here. Its Only downside really.

Good reference tool

I use this to support Rosetta Stone total e and the Duolingo app. I use it to look up words when I have questions. I also use the translator tool. I have found it works pretty well from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

¡Muy bien!

A mí me gusta mucho esta app. Lots of idiomatic phrases. Very helpful in translating Español to Inglés, and vice versa.

Mr. Ahmad

Very useful to increase your vocabulary , and pronounce in a good way . It needs to increase its vocabulary .

Muy buena app

Me encanta mucho.

Works great well worth the Pesos

A great Spanish dictionary requiring a fair knowledge of Spanish spelling. I have been working with and studying with Latinos for years and refer to this dictionary often. I have introduced my Latino friends to new English and Spanish words innumerable times using this App.


Does everything as stated. Pronunciation is Castilian Spanish, not Mexican.

Great App

Easy to use


Gosh, I think this app is TERRIBLE!! It appears to be developed by people who are non-native English speakers. It's full of really bizarre words and phrases. For example: a gewgaws. I don't know what that is in English, why would I want to know it in Spanish??

Lifesaver :-)

I'm in Span 101 and this app has been a lifesaver. Easy to use, interactive. Truly pleased & I'm actually learning ;-)

An Invaluable Tool

Improve vocabulary and pronunciation using the different features included in the dictionary. Trying to learn a language at the age of 69 isn't easy -- I am finding this dictionary an absolutely invaluable tool.

Good learning tool

I like it


This app is very useful and contains a lot of information needed to learning the Spanish language. A must-have.

Spanish Dictionary

Great app! Study daily.

Lemon: not worth the money.

I was highly disappointed about its functionality and and its accuracy. The producer and developer need to go back and use their own product. Buyer be aware.

Word of the day

Works great!

Great app


Great !

Good features. My fav is translator and word of the day

Just fine!

Like this app a lot!

Generally ok

Can be confusing about when to tap English or Spanish. If you are not in the right language when you enter a word and tap for the correct language, it deletes what you just entered.

Great app

This is a great tool to help those of us who are learning Spanish. It's easy to use and fast. Dictionary is comprehensive. Pronunciation is very good. Games are fun, too. Words for the Day can be strange. Otherwise, this is a really helpful app. Very highly recomended.

Spanish Dict. Pro

Excellent app! good for my Peru mission trips J Haynes

Reliable companion in a strangexountry

It translates words and some phrases, both while offline. It pronounces words and phrases if you are online. It's helped me out my times when I was in a pinch. For a little pocket translator, it's great.

Spanish Dictionary Pro

Not all daily words are in the dictionary. Difficult to go from daily word to look it up in the dictionary. Audio is good.

Gets the job done.

It's efficient and reliable. Even helps you pronounce the words.

Trip Helper!

Really helpful on recent trip to Spain. Intuitive interface.

Handy tool

It is a very equipped English<->Spanish dictionary, since one month using it occasionally it has never failed to give me a word translation of a single word, it works offline for translation but not for pronunciation which is good enough for me. I am not giving 5 stars cause it cannot be used to translate paragraphs just words, though I am realizing that this is other kind of translators, this works more as a dictionary, a good one!

My review

Good enough,helpful. A necessity for me. It's worth what i paid for . I'm happy with it but I think the Spanish definitions could be better.


Perfect for quick reference

Good app-could be great

With a few improvements this app cold be great. Mostly just more grammatical detail. But it is quite good as it is.


It's a good program, but doesn't list the gender that I've seen so far.

Can't figure this out! Help!!!

I've read quite a few decent reviews on this app. However I paid the $3 and it won't even recognize basic words. For example I typed "above" and all that comes up is "above ground level". I give this 1 star for now unless I can figure out what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Don't waste your $ on this CrAPP until then!

It's ok for quick reference

Large number of words. Accurate. Doesn't provide usage examples. Pronunciation is difficult to hear.

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