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A work in progress

This is very much a work in progress and many definitions are incomplete or confused. Very British English phrases. But it is fun and can be a good learning tool for colloquialisms.

Needs more description

The functionality is very good. I would like to see more description when multiple words are provided in a response making it easier to choose the most appropriate option. It would also help if gender was included with nouns.


Excellent reference Dictionary.

This App is to learn ENGLISH

I just bought this app thinking it would be a great new way to learn Spanish. I should have read closer. It is for people who speak Spanish and want to learn English! Very quick response from them however and great tech support responders -- even on weekends.


Not what I expected. Disappointed.


It doesnt speak the Spanish words so you can hear how to pronounce them properly. And its difficult to switch from English to Spanish. Im sorry I spent the money, should have stayed with the free version.

Its ok for quick reference

Large number of words. Accurate. Doesnt provide usage examples. Pronunciation is difficult to hear.

Cant figure this out! Help!!!

Ive read quite a few decent reviews on this app. However I paid the $3 and it wont even recognize basic words. For example I typed "above" and all that comes up is "above ground level". I give this 1 star for now unless I can figure out what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Dont waste your $ on this CrAPP until then!


Its a good program, but doesnt list the gender that Ive seen so far.

Good app-could be great

With a few improvements this app cold be great. Mostly just more grammatical detail. But it is quite good as it is.


Perfect for quick reference

My review

Good enough,helpful. A necessity for me. Its worth what i paid for . Im happy with it but I think the Spanish definitions could be better.

Handy tool

It is a very equipped English<->Spanish dictionary, since one month using it occasionally it has never failed to give me a word translation of a single word, it works offline for translation but not for pronunciation which is good enough for me. I am not giving 5 stars cause it cannot be used to translate paragraphs just words, though I am realizing that this is other kind of translators, this works more as a dictionary, a good one!

Trip Helper!

Really helpful on recent trip to Spain. Intuitive interface.

Gets the job done.

Its efficient and reliable. Even helps you pronounce the words.

Spanish Dictionary Pro

Not all daily words are in the dictionary. Difficult to go from daily word to look it up in the dictionary. Audio is good.

Reliable companion in a strangexountry

It translates words and some phrases, both while offline. It pronounces words and phrases if you are online. Its helped me out my times when I was in a pinch. For a little pocket translator, its great.

Spanish Dict. Pro

Excellent app! good for my Peru mission trips J Haynes

Great app

This is a great tool to help those of us who are learning Spanish. Its easy to use and fast. Dictionary is comprehensive. Pronunciation is very good. Games are fun, too. Words for the Day can be strange. Otherwise, this is a really helpful app. Very highly recomended.

Generally ok

Can be confusing about when to tap English or Spanish. If you are not in the right language when you enter a word and tap for the correct language, it deletes what you just entered.

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